Information on ADHD medications for adults by Dr. Nicholas Schwartz.  Dr. Schwartz is a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine and runs a private practice in Manhattan specializing in adult ADHD.  The site reviews important aspects of medications, issues of medication tolerance, and books on ADHD.  There is also contact information for those wishing to consult with Dr. Schwartz


The following is a symptom checklist that I ask patients to complete before their first visit.  The symptom list in the DSM (the diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists) was is more helpful in diagnosing ADHD in children, although the current version, DSM 5, gives more attention to adult presentations than previous versions.  Nonetheless, over the years I have found that the following questions seem to better resonate with adult ADHD patients.

If the majority of these descriptions seem to apply to you at a "2" level, you might consider seeing a psychiatrist about ADHD.

ADHD Rating Scale

Please rate your symptoms using the following scale:

            0 = not at all
            1 = somewhat or occasionally
            2 = severe or very frequent

1. My mind wanders during lectures or meetings. __

2. I often have to reread paragraphs or even pages that I have just read, because I wasn't paying attention. __

3. It takes me longer to finish my work that I think it should. My peers seem to be able to complete their work more efficiently. __

4. If I don't keep lists, I lose track of what I need to do. __

5. I tend to put things off until the last minute more so than others (procrastination). __

6. I make careless errors about things I should be on top of. __

7. When talking to others I may appear to pay attention to what they are saying while my mind has actually drifted to other topics. __

8. I am easily distracted. __

9. I have a hard time staying organized. __

10. I jump from one task to another without finishing. __

11. The Internet takes up a great deal of time that I should spend on my work. __

12. These symptoms interfere with my job and/or education. __