Information on ADHD medications for adults by Dr. Nicholas Schwartz.  Dr. Schwartz is a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine and runs a private practice in Manhattan specializing in adult ADHD.  The site reviews important aspects of medications, issues of medication tolerance, and books on ADHD.  There is also contact information for those wishing to consult with Dr. Schwartz

"My Medication Stopped Working..."

As with any psychiatric disorder, patients with ADHD will notice some fluctuations in the severity and frequency of their symptoms over time. However, certain patients may find that after having been on medication for some time with good success their ADHD symptoms return almost as though they are not taking medication at all.

There are a number of possible explanations and each requires a specific solution.  Therefore, it is important for patient and clinician to pay close attention to the details, including when the problem began, which symptoms have returned, and what other changes have occurred in this person’s life.  The list of potential sources of the apparent ineffectiveness of medications includes:

Normal Treatment Response
Psychosocial Factors (Mood disorder, Anxiety, Poor sleep, Change in life circumstances)
The issue of generics
True Tolerance

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