Information on ADHD medications for adults by Dr. Nicholas Schwartz.  Dr. Schwartz is a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine and runs a private practice in Manhattan specializing in adult ADHD.  The site reviews important aspects of medications, issues of medication tolerance, and books on ADHD.  There is also contact information for those wishing to consult with Dr. Schwartz

ADHD Support in NYC

Having ADHD and living in NYC can present particular challenges, but in some ways the city makes it easier for people as well.  There are a number of resources available in the city, some of which are available free of charge.  If readers have others to suggest, please email Dr. Schwartz at

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD). A national non-profit organization run by it's own members, CHADD provides information and support to those with ADHD and their family members.  The local NYC chapter frequently hosts speakers who address a wide range of topics related to ADHD.

The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group.  Another volunteer run organization that focuses on providing support and education about ADHD.

There is a support group specifically for women with ADHD that meets in Downtown Brooklyn.  To join go to and enter "women ADHD" into the search.