Information on ADHD medications for adults by Dr. Nicholas Schwartz.  Dr. Schwartz is a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine and runs a private practice in Manhattan specializing in adult ADHD.  The site reviews important aspects of medications, issues of medication tolerance, and books on ADHD.  There is also contact information for those wishing to consult with Dr. Schwartz

Dr. Nicholas Schwartz graduated from the Yale University School of Medicine.  While there he worked in community outreach and was given the 1992 Distinguished Community Service Award.  He received his M.D. degree in 1995. That same year he earned the SAEM Outstanding Medical Student Award.

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Dr. Schwartz completed a residency program in psychiatry at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he studied with some of the country's leaders in ADHD research.  He subsequently ran the psychiatric emergency room at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan before transitioning to private practice.  He currently has a sub-specialty practice in the Flatiron District where he treats adults with ADHD, among other diagnoses.

In addition to his work in psychiatry, Dr. Schwartz is also Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.  In 1999 he received the award for Best Resident Oral Research Presentation at the national Emergency Medicine conference. He is currently on the faculty at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.  He holds a teaching position at Elmhurst Hospital Center, a level I trauma center in Queens.  Dr. Schwartz has published and lectured in the fields of Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine.

My approach: Because ADHD is primarily a neuro-biologic disorder, medication forms the foundation of treatment.  Although there are some behavioral and psychotherapeutic approaches that are beneficial as well, I have found that without adequate medication it is very hard for patients to make meaningful progress.  Therefore, optimizing medication is the first step.  Subsequently, if there are symptoms that remain problematic, those can be dealt with as needed.


last updated 12/2/17